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Rukus Cycling Studio Opens in Nashville


Rukus Cycling, an indoor cycling studio, recently opened in Nashville at 1008 Nelson Merry Street, Nashville. This is the first Rukus Cycling studio in Tennessee. The company has studios in Florida and Georgia.

Each studio has custom made bikes, water for riders, and touch-screen check-in at arrival.

If you are running late to your class, there’s an option to use a peloton bike for an on-demand class. Rukus Cycling offers high-intensity cardio sessions, muscle shaping strength training, premium boutique amenities, and world-class CyclePro Instructors to guide you through your workout.

They use technology to measure stats, heart rate, and performance. Riders can track their success on the leaderboards or on their individual profiles. The inside of the facility has modern contemporary aesthetics with a lounge area where you can prepare for your ride. Afterward, you can utilize the changing room, charging stations, or use the showers complete with toiletries.

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Schedule your ride here. Your first ride is free. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9 a – 8 p, Saturday – Sunday 8 a – 1 p. To keep current, follow Rukus Cycling on Facebook. 

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