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See Cool Kids Rap About Hot Cheetos (And Win Tix To Snacks For Snacks)



Is there anything better? We all remember the sweet freedom you felt all the way down in your soul as a child when snack time came around. Whether you were gettin’ down on some vanilla wafers and apple juice or you had a cool teacher/mom/dad who packed you the sweet forbidden fruit that is the now-discontinued Dunkaroos, snack time was always the best time. These young rappers (who are cooler at 10 than we can ever ever hope to be) are on the same page. Their snack of choice? Hot Cheetos and Takis, of course.

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Check out the super relatable rap below, but before you do here’s an inside tip: this Friday is the always-sold-out annual event Snacks For Snacks. Benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Middle Tennessee’s After School Snack Program, the event will have cocktails, beer, wine, and the legendary biscuit bar courtesy of Omni Nashville’s Kitchen Notes. Wanna go? We’ve got two tickets, and you could win them by “Wannado-ing” the event in the app. Just download Wannado if you haven’t already, click the heart on the event page, and we’ll send you an email if you’re the winner (though in life, you’re already a winner champ!).

Now lets watch these kids rap about Cheetos.

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