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The 5 Spot Closes Due to Coronavirus


The 5 Spot, in East Nashville, has decided to close for a month due to the rising concern of coronavirus.

“We are doing a community service by closing our doors until the COVID-19 virus is under control. At the moment, we plan on being closed for a month. We made this very difficult decision the day after reopening in the wake of the destructive March 3 tornado,” said Todd Sherwood.

A GoFundMe has been created to help pay staff and musicians during the closure.

“The money we raise will go to keeping The 5 Spot and our staff afloat, as well as helping the musicians, who call this place their artistic home, keep their heads above water. For the next month, having had to cancel their shows, around 150 bands will receive funds from us,” stated Sherwood.

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The 5 Spot has a goal to raise $70,000 and states if there are any excess funds, they will donate it to the community health charity The Ben Eyestone Fund. As of the writing of this article, the GoFundMe has raised $8,894.

Opening in 2003, the venue is located at 1006 Forrest Avenue, Nashville, hosts 150 musical acts per month, has 20 employees, and has organized numerous charity events.

Follow The 5 Spot on Facebook for the latest updates. To donate to their fund, visit here. 

For a list of other events and venues that have closed due to coronavirus, click here.

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