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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: 5 Places to go for Nashville’s Restaurant Week


United We Dine. 

This loyal pledge comes from Nashville Originals, a group of local restauranteurs that have made our city a major player in the culinary scene. They do awesome things year-round, but one of the best weeks in Nashville is Restaurant Week. There are great deals on great food, and we want you to know about it!

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Maximize your savings AND satisfy your appetite with our run-down of The Best Place:

1. To Have Something Unique: Germantown Cafe

From one of the best brunch spots in town comes a unique Restaurant Week menu that pulls crazy flavors and puts them together in the most satisfying way!
  • Where: In the heart of Germantown’s new development, surrounded by Nashville faves Swaffles (Stuffed Waffles) and Red Bicycle Crepes
  • What to order: Plum Pork:  there is nothing better than that. Nothing. And don’t miss out on the pork tots. Pork tots, you guys.
  • Who to bring: A small to medium group of friends who don’t get too rowdy…Germantown is a chill place!

2. To Have Your “Cheat” Meal: Valentino’s Ristorante


Summer-long diet getting you down? Take a break from counting calories and indulge in everyone’s favorite food: carbs. Because you’re worth it.

  • Where: Next to the hustle-and-bustle of West End Ave!
  • What to order: This is three courses with a bang, and it is laden with mystery…ask for the chef’s specials, but know you’ll end up with some tiramisu.
  •  Who to bring: Low lighting and pasta? Bring a date and have your very own Lady and the Tramp moment.
3. To Be A Wine-O: Cabana
We love our food, but we also love our drinks. Every course comes with a perfectly paired wine!
  • Where: Tucked away right next to Hillsboro Village
  • What to order: “Fried Local Catfish with Jalapeno Corn Cream, Fresh Slaw, and Chipotle Cheddar Corn Bread”. Cabana may look trendy, but they do the classics with flair.
  • Who to bring: This is the place to bring big groups and sit in an actual cabana. You can even close the curtain for some private hang time!
 4. To Feel Super Hip: Holland House 

East Nashville’s very own speakeasy, Holland House Bar & Refuge is the who’s who of the hipster scene – in the best way possible – and draws people in with their killer happy hours! (Get the Manhattan).

  • Where: East Nashville right off of Eastland, next to their sister restaurant The Pharmacy.
  • What to order: The whole menu is unique, but you MUST get the Nutella Bread Pudding.
  • Who to bring: This works for anything. A date, a group, a friend…just book in advance!
 5.  To Eat Like Ron Swanson: Jimmy Kelly’s Steakhouse
To quote the great Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, “If it doesn’t have meat, it’s a snack.”  Jimmy Kelly’s has been doing steak since 1934. We trust it.
  • Where: Louise Ave. near Charlotte
  • What to order: Their filet mignon actually says “Cut Thick So It Broils Red and Juicy”. If steak isn’t your thing, there’s free range chicken, corn cakes…everything you need!
  • Who to bring: Anyone who enjoys the simpler things in life. If they’ve ever won an eating contest, that’d be good too…steak, bread and cobbler is pretty filling!

For a comprehensive list of all the fabulous menus offered this week, check out Nashville Originals list and see the rest of the participants!

Eat your heart out and make Nashville proud! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for highlights from Restaurant Week, and tag @wannadolocal in the pics of all the things you’ve tried!

– Your local guide.

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