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Travis Tritt to Perform at Murfreesboro’s Hop Springs


Travis Tritt is back out on the road.

His first show was on April 1 in Jupiter, Florida and on April 23, you can catch the country crooner at Hop Springs in Murfreesboro. Tickets are selling fast with just a few seats remaining. Tritt will perform along with Frank Foster, the show starts at 7 pm. Purchase tickets here. 

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Hop Springs is located at 6790 John Bragg Hwy, Murfreesboro.

Travis Tritt also recently released a new music video “Smoke in a Bar.” In this song, Tritt revisits his traditional country roots, pining for humbler times when the world was not such fast-moving, and simple things weren’t overlooked or taken for granted.

Recently, Tritt spoke to Justin Moore on his podcast about this latest song, telling Moore he heard from fans they miss the stories country music used to tell and that’s what he wanted to do.

“Smoke in a Bar” is a track from Tritt’s new album Set in Stone which will release on May 7.

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