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Two Middle TN Artists Make Top 10 on American Idol


Contestants on American Idol continue to dwindle but two Middle Tennessee contestants are still holding a spot in the competition. Hunter Metts, of Franklin and Cassandra Coleman, of Columbia, are now in the Top 10.

On Sunday night, it was “Oscar Night” and contestants performed Oscar-nominated songs during a live voting event which took place during a small one-hour-half window as the show aired.

Hunter Metts performed “Following Slowly.” As the song was ending Metts forgot the words ending with Metts coming overwhelmed with emotion as he cried as the judges gave their critique. Katy Perry said, “Hunter, that’s the best performance you have ever given.” Continuing, she said, “Perfection is an illusion, it’s an illusion, it doesn’t matter, it shows you are human and vulnerable and everybody relates to that.”

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Lionel Richie added that his imperfect performance made the audience love him more.

Cassandra Coleman performed “Writings on the Wall” from the movie “Spectre” by Sam Smith. After her performance, all three judges were on their feet clapping. Lionel Richie says, “All I’m gonna say, it’s the cry to me, you bring us in, your poise, your positioning on stage, you know what you’re doing, enjoy this. I’ve picked the winner already, I have five of them, one of them is going to win.”

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 7pm on ABC. There will be no show on Sunday, April 25 due to the Academy Awards.

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