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Wanna Adventure? Meet Our Partner, Team Green Adventures!


Wanna adventure?

If you’ve stepped outside in the last 48 hours, you know that Nashville is one of the most beautiful places in the world (we may be a bit biased, but we still think it’s valid)! What better way to get involved in your city than to get outside and have an adventure? Our partner, Team Green Adventures, helps you do just that!

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Team Green Adventures was founded in 1996 as a part of Lightning 100, Nashville’s Independent Radio. The idea was to get their listeners more involved in the outdoors, more engaged in environmental issues, and promote overall health and adventure. Over the past 17 years, Team Green has become the definitive “adventure leader” for the Middle Tennessee community.

So what do they offer? You name it…white water rafting, hiking, backpacking, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, camping, international trips…even stargazing! There really is something for everyone. Worried about your skill level? Team Green provides their activities at various levels, with just as many opportunities for beginners as there are for the more advanced adventurer!


There are also lots of different opportunities for involvement in the organization. You can show up to Indoor Rock Climbing every week without being a member, but if you do get a membership, you’ll have access to discounts, member-only events, online giveaways, and your very own Team Green t-shirt! You can even become a guide. After 6 months of being active in the Team Green community, there is an opportunity to become a leader in the community of your interest of choice! You can find all these adventures in your Wannado app – stay in the loop about Team Green’s events by following them in the app under “Orgs & Guides”.

So let Team Green Adventures jump start your health this fall, connect you to your community, and bring a little spontaneity into your life! We are so excited to partner with this special organization that is essential to what makes Nashville such a wonderful place to live. On that note, we’ll see you outside – this city is too beautiful to stay indoors!

– Your local guide.
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