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Wanna Get Patriotic? Your Guide To A Nashville Fourth Of July


The land of the freeeeeee, and the home of the brave/TIM HOWARD/cronuts.


That’s right folks. It’s that time of year. A time when the youths raid Forever 21 for some American flag-themed crop tops and distressed denim shorts. A time when parents and their kids load up on sunscreen and hang with the extended family, only calling it a night when someone gets burned by a sparkler. A time when American flags are taken off the hip mantles of the East Nashville elite and put in a makeshift photo booth, guaranteeing that some girl will walk away with a solid new profile picture where she’s wrapped in a flag and is under really good natural light. It’s a special time, y’all. One where we celebrate fireworks and chicken sandwiches and the standard American songbook and all the wonderful things that have come out of America, yes, but also a time where we are truly thankful for our nation and the people who dedicate their lives to making it a better place. Wanna celebrate? We might have a few ideas. Here’s the 5 best things to do in Nashville on the fourth of July:

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Let Freedom Sing:

Country Stars & The #2 Ranked Fireworks Display In The USA


Let Freedom Sing, indeed. This annual tradition is probably one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) downtown celebrations that happen all year. Our fireworks are named #2 in the country, and the biggest show in the South. Only way we know how! You won’t be bored waiting for the fireworks to go off either – musical performances will be taking place at Riverfront Park from Billy Currington, Ashley Monroe (a Wannado fave – girl has got some PIPES), and Striking Matches. And then, of course, when the fireworks actually start, we’ll be listening to the sweet, majestic sounds of the Nashville Symphony (for 27 minutes – the longest the display has ever been). Music and fireworks and sweaty crowds? AMERICA. Tip: get there EARLY if you want a spot, or find some parking on the East Nashville side and walk over the Pedestrian Bridge! There are also tons of downtown adjacent places having viewing parties (like Little Harpeth Brewing Company’s bluegrass part-ay), and you can find them in Wannado!

Music City Hot Chicken Festival:

Wear Your Fat Pants & Indulge In Nashville’s Best Eats

Image courtesy of Nashville Lifestyles

HOT. CHICKEN. Is there anything more deliciously American than the freedom to indulge in the love/hate affair we have with the devilishly hot chicken of Nashville fame? We don’t think so. The annual tradition of gathering all the best Nashville food offerings in one place under the hot sun (although it isn’t supposed to be too terrible this year since the rain we’ve been getting has cooled things down a bit) is one of our favorites. On this blessed day, Nashvillians from far and wide come line up early in the hopes of getting some free food (first 500 get free hot chicken samples). We’ll have chicken from Hattie B’s, Prince’s, Pepperfire, 400 Degrees, Chicken Shack Express, and Hot Stuff. Hot chicken a little too hot for you? Don’t skip this – there will still be plenty of delicious treats that won’t make your head explode (like The Peach Truck, Retro Sno, Biscuit Love, Smokin’ Thighs, and more). We’re also pumped for the live music – any band called Kevin Ball & The Busters has our vote of confidence. Stick around for the main event (and maybe even throw your hat in the ring): the amateur hot chicken contest, givin’ Nashville’s best non-professional cooks the chance to make something so spicy, Guy Fieri couldn’t even handle it. Once again, AMERICA.

Free Admission To The Frist:

Come Decked Out In Red, White, & Blue


The Frist Center, one of the finest cultural epicenters of our city, is a beauty. Thing is – it usually takes some pocket change to get in and see all the beautiful exhibits the Frist has to offer. Not on the fourth! If you wear red, white, & blue to show off your patriotism, you’ll gain free admission to the exhibits! A perfect air-conditioned, artistic start to your downtown holiday expedition. What exhibits are currently up, you ask? “Watch Me Move: The Animation Show” takes us through 120 years of animation work, featuring everything from Disney to Pixar; “Maira Kalman: The Elements Of Style” pairs wonderfully whimsical paintings from the revamped work “Elements Of Style”, a guide to early American writing; “American Ballads: The Photos Of Marty Stuart” takes an intimate look into the lens of country star Marty Stuart, giving us portraits of legendary musicians, tribes, and people from all over rural America; and finally, “Real/Surreal: Selections From The Whitney Museum Of American Art”, showing early 20th century artwork and examining the influence of European surrealism on our country’s artistic development. What a treat! People decked out in red, white and blue looking at portraits and escaping heat? AMERICA.

KABOOM! & Fourth Of July At Adventure Science Center:

A Family Affair With Science Experiments & A Great View


KABOOOOOOM. Yes, that’s the sound we will all hear exploding in the sky tomorrow, but you will get a real front row seat at Adventure Science Center. Start the day off with some super-fun science experiments that will be an educational party for the whole family! Then, as night falls, the party kicks into high gear. A full pass ensures free parking (a total rarity near downtown on a holiday), entry to the ASC from 6-10 pm, a family photo booth, live music featuring performances from The School Of Rock, live science demonstrations, food from Ben & Jerry’s, Music City Pies, and Loco Donuts, a planetarium music laser show, and entertainment and DJ services from Party Patrol. Perfect place to give the kids a memorable weekend, and you’ll get to see the fireworks/Symphony combo from one of the best seats in town and still avoid the mayhem that will be downtown Nashville. Dads eating donuts and educational parties and kids playing instruments? AMERICA.

Franklin On The Fourth:

Craft Fairs, Bluegrass, BBQ, and a Children’s Parade


Well this is just going to be the most precious thing ever. Historic Franklin is already all kinds of quaint and charming, and this holiday weekend will be no exception. Starting at 10 am, the party kicks off with bluegrass and all the street food you could imagine: ice cream, hot dogs, BBQ, corn dogs, meat on a stick…it’s going to be magical. To distract yourself from literally just standing next to the hot dog cart and grazing all day, there are also craft booths featuring some of Franklin’s finest woodworkers, jewelry makers, etc. Also, big news: The Weinermobile will be on site! This means Wiener Whistles, hot dog cutouts perfect for photo opps, and a racing app game. They’ll also have antique cars, inflatables, petting zoos, and pony rides. The main event? The cutest children’s parade ever! So take your little ones to the costume store and get them a top notch Uncle Sam beard – this is going to be a fourth of July to remember!


So God bless America, and God bless you, Nashville. We sure do love you a lot. Seize the day, celebrate freedom/hot chicken, and find all your memory-making opportunities with Wannado. We’ve got you covered!

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