Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Could This Man Make You Act Like Elvis In Front Of An Audience Tonight?



Whether you’re a casual fan of hypnotic methods or you used to turn on Miss Cleo/paranormal programs for laughs, Rich Guzzi might just make a believer out of you tonight. Rich Guzzi is “Tony Robbins meets Tony Soprano”, and had a long career in straight stand-up comedy before coming up with his innovative show that always delivers laughs: he invites audience members on stage, hypnotizes them, and watches them embarrass themselves in front of family and friends.

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All in good fun! Come see Rich at Zanies tonight, and check out the trailer below to see what we mean (and maybe don’t bring your kids to this one):

We’ll see you there, Nashville! Though if we do a particularly bad Elvis impression, we might stay anonymous. For all your Nashville adventures (and super weirdly awesome nights), grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.


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