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Wanna Gift Right? Your Nashville Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Wanna Gift Right?

You know the feeling. It’s February 14. You’re in a dimly lit restaurant, attended by a waiter so fancy he is seriously wearing white gloves. As your significant other goes to open your expertly wrapped gift, your throat closes up and your hands get unnaturally sweaty. And then you get one of these:

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Okay, maybe you’ve never actually received the Clarissa stank-eye or Chris Farley’s feigned enthusiasm (of course, your boyfriend/girlfriend is too agreeable to show outward disappointment). BUT, we can all tell when someone’s a little underwhelmed by our Valentine’s gift pick. Or maybe you’re the Michael Jordan of giving gifts (in which case, keep scorin’, kid). For the rest of us, a lot of thinking and planning goes into striking that perfect balance between luxury and practicality; sentimentality and cheesiness. As always, we have your back (along with some Nashville flair). Here you go, lovers of L-O-V-E,..our favorite Nashville-inspired Valentine’s gifts for:

The Spirited Foodie:

Gift Cards, Biscuits, DIY Progressive Dinners, & More!

Picture 34

Remind them of their first love: FOOD.


There’s a way to be nice and not jump the gift-givin’ gun. For the valentine that likes to take charge and pick the place, do a Nashville Originals gift card – the money you put on it goes towards one of their 45 participating local Nashville restaurants. For your SWEETIE (most likely a lady, but guys you’re allowed to want chocolates too because you’re a human being), pick up the Valentine’s Day mexi-chocolate heart candy from Olive & Sinclair or some artisan marshmallows from Bang Candy Company! (some flowers from Emma’s on West End wouldn’t hurt, either). For your main dude (or your beer-loving main gal – you hold on to her, man), grab a growler from The Filling Station in 12 South and fill it up with some top-notch beer. You can take it back and fill er’ up – the gift that keeps on giving!


So you’re going steady. They love food. What to do? A food/drink tour is always a winner. Make a day of it and check out one of the local breweries (since at this point we assume you guys can spend a non-awkward afternoon in each others company). Black Abbey, Yazoo, Jackalope – you’re sure to find your fave in no time! For another gift that offers a potentially cozy afternoon, you HAVE to look at the gift baskets from Loveless Cafe. They’ve got a Sweet Sizzle Pack for a made-at-home Southern breakfast (perfect for a chilly February morning), a Ham Breakfast For Two, and even a Chicken & Waffles basket (#foodswoon). Preparing ridiculously buttered Southern food together? That’s how you make a relationship last.

YOU’RE BASICALLY OR ACTUALLY MARRIED (or you just want to splurge):

Your other half is like a fine wine – ages beautifully, smooth as silk, the perfect companion for a long day…the list goes on. So of course, they appreciate a fine wine. Get them a membership to one of the wine clubs at Arrington Vineyards! There’s a Red Club, a White Club, a Mixed Club, and a Fan’s Choice Club (where you basically just get to try all the wines that you like). Wine for the win, y’all! Here’s our other idea…it’s pretty adventurous/potentially pricey, but you’d score major points. There may not be a progressive dinner tour you can easily hop on, but you can make your own! Get a Lyft and eat your way through Music City. Our perfect progression? Start with appetizers at Eastland Cafe, do entrees at Rolf & Daughters, enjoy dessert at Jackson’s (those cookie dough egg rolls, though), and finish with drinks at Patterson House. Or just mix and match your fave places. We believe in you.

The Concert Junkie:

Tickets To A Killer Show

Picture 35

If you can love them through their awkward concert step-touch, you’re meant to be.

(detour from the how-far-are-you-in-to-dating categories, because if you’re committing to go to a concert in the future with someone odds are you guys aren’t just “talking”)


Snoop Dogg/Lion/Tiger/Bear/Oh My at Cannery Ballroom, Rites Of Spring festival featuring 2 CHAINZ YO, and Miley Cyrus at Bridgestone Arena – because that is going to get the most rowdy, let’s be real.


INDIE OFFERINGS: Nickel Creek at The Ryman (good luck on finding a pair to the sold-out show…try Craigslist day of – works every time!), Imagine Dragons at Bridgestone, Local Natives, Bastille, Delta Saints. For the Old Soul try: Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Cher, or Carlos Santana.


Again, Miley Cyrus is a given (Wrecking Ball wre-e-e-cks us). Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Gavin Degraw…you can find more of the headliners (and other indie/old soul/rowdy live acts) with Wannado!

The Experiential Adventurer:

Laser Tag Games, Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon Rides, & More!

Picture 36

Because memories last longer than the super-trendy boots they asked for.


Give the Zooey Deschanel of gifts: quirky, chill, and semi-adventurous. Buy a couple rounds of laser tag OR some trampoline dodgeball time at Sky High Nashville. If you’re not in to childlike activities (which we don’t understand…to each their own, but laser tag is irrefutably awesome) and you enjoy the outdoors, rent some bikes and take them out on Natchez Trace Parkway! If you’re an indoors guy/gal check out the boat rides at Opryland Hotel! Nothing like looking into the eyes of a possible paramour under the twinkly lights of Nashville’s most famous hotel.


You can’t go wrong with two tickets to Adventure Science Center’s next Way Late Play Date. The themed nights make a great date; the last one was Doctor Who, and the upcoming April WLPD is Cult Classics! So if you’re dating a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, this is a sure-fire win. If you’re coupled up with a regular Evil Knieval, make sure you pay a visit to Skydiving Over Nashville by Opry Mills! If we’ve learned anything from watching The Bachelor franchise, it’s that jumping out of a plane (or swimming through a cave, bungee-ing off a bridge, etc.) is a perfect metaphor for falling in love.

YOU’RE BASICALLY OR ACTUALLY MARRIED (or you just want to splurge):

Whisk them away on a mini-vacation to Dollywood! You can channel your inner child just a stone’s throw away from Nashville, and you won’t have to book a babysitter for the whole weekend. Bonus: you can act out the ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. If you don’t want to leave the 615, take a trip to Arrington Vineyards and go on a hot air balloon ride (thanks for the idea, Steve & Gracie Moakler)! So romantic. For the gadget-enthusiast, grab them a GoPro to capture all the action.

The Fashion/Lifestyle Guru:

Jeans, Jewelry, & An Insanely Good Candle

Picture 37

Werk it, gurl. (or guy).


With brand new potential love, it’s all about the trinkets. Head to Pre To Post Modern to find something funky, unique, and affordable for your casual Valentine. Fellas, look into their super-cool jewelry, scarves, & sunglasses. Ladies, scour the back room for a concert tee from his favorite band. A fashionABLE scarf won’t break the bank either, and we’re in Nashville, so lets be real: girls and dudes STAY wearing scarves. They’ll probably wear it even when its 90 degrees outside.


If anything can vie for a dude’s affection besides the scent of a woman, it is the scent of an Imogene + Willie candle. Stop in to the 12 South fashion hub & grab the candle for that special someone. While you’re at it, men, the have some really beautiful, delicate jewelry up for grabs. Speaking of jewelry, make a pit stop (or a virtual stop) at one of the many Nashville jewelry/handmade goods spots! Try considerthewldflwrs, Miriam Designs, & Nisolo. Beautiful gems for yo beautiful gem!


There is no status symbol for a Nashville fashion elite more essential than a pair of Imogene + Willie jeans. Yeah, you missed the garage sale, so you’ll probably have to pick up a pair for full price. BUT, these jeans last forever (or pretty close to forever). If you’re paramour can pull off a hat (aka the Diane Keaton’s of the world), get them one of the super nice hats at Hat Works on 8th. Or, you know, there’s always a good old Nashville shopping spree to Green Hills mall!

The Culturally Involved:

Memberships & Subscriptions To Nashville’s Finest

Picture 38

It’s all about bein’ in the cultural know, Romeo.


This is your chance to encourage the interests of your hot new date without having to feign interest in said interests. Whether they’re into motorcycles, fly fishing, indie bands, knitting…there’s sure to be something for your super interesting new flame. Better yet, for the book lover: pick them up a new book at East Nashville literary hub, East Side Story – a bookstore that carries titles from the best writing talent in Music City!


Here’s a no-brainer: for the film buff, grab them a ticket to Belcourt’s Oscar Night! Steep-ish price, but it’s a black tie affair with the best, brightest, most culturally aware Nashvillians around!


 Wanna give the culture fanatic the gift that keeps on giving? Gift them a membership to one of the cultural centers of Nashville: the center of all things film (The Belcourt), The Frist Center For Visual Arts, and/or Nashville Symphony! You’ll be able to spend the whole movie/music/artistic season with your #1 Valentine. What could be better?

So there you have it Nashville: your Valentine’s Day Wannado gift guide. Need to spice up all your future date nights with some Nashville adventures? Make an account with Wannado and up your dating game, you lothario, you! We’ve got your back. Best of luck with all the gift-giving kids, and remember: we love y’all. #sappy

– Your local guide.

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