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Wanna Have Fun While You Learn? Meet Our Partner, Adventure Science Center!


Wanna have fun while you learn?

Nashville has a lot to offer. Over the past decade the city has seen enormous growth and rapid-fire changes, developing into one of the cultural hubs of the south. There are some Nashville mainstays that have stuck with the city through thick and thin, enriching the lives of locals and visitors alike. One of those places is Adventure Science Center, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner organization!

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Established in 1944 as the Children’s Museum of Nashville, the center was designed with the future in mind. World War II was coming to an end and Nashville was looking ahead, wanting to invest in future generations and promote education and fun. This vision has been consistent since the beginning, and Adventure Science Center does that and much more to this day!

There’s something for everyone! Are you a science-lovin’ lady? They’ve got a program specifically for women involved in science, engineering, research, and technology fields called TWISTER. Someone who loves a far-out concert experience? Check out their Cosmic Concerts at the Sudekum Planetarium! There’s a Halloween-themed Cosmic Concert show featuring the music of Michael Jackson and a laser light show coming up on October 12. Have a little aspiring architect at home? Bring the kids to “Raise the Roof“, a fun, interactive exhibit about buildings. Got a family full of science lovers? Plan a Family Science Lab! Wanna explore the Brew-niverse? Come to the center for a night of beer tasting on Dec. 14 (you’re going to want to plan holiday fun in advance), sponsored by Lipman Bros. Distributing, Yazoo Brewing, and Minuteman Press…there’s beer ice cream, a silent auction, and more! Last Saturday they hosted the inaugural Nashville Mini Maker’s Craft Fair, featuring a full-scale replica of the Millenium Falcon cockpit. What more could anyone ever want?


Image by Erin Delaney for Nashville Scene
Image by Erin Delaney for Nashville Scene

See? Something for everyone! And that’s not even an exhaustive list of their programs and events. You can become a member, receiving unlimited visits all year, invitations to exclusive member-only events, and great discounts! If you’re feeling the Adventure Science Center love like we are, you’re going to want to vote for them in Toyota’s 100 Cars For Good program. They are one of 250 finalists, and the prize would enrich their education outreach programs, which now rely on an 18 year old SUV with several miles on it.

So get to Adventure Science Center and get involved! Whether you’re learning, going down a slide, or learning as you’re going down a slide, it’s bound to be a blast!We know you’ll want to keep up with Adventure Science Center and their awesome events. We’ve got you covered! Go into Wannado and find them under “Orgs & Guides” (get there by clicking “Browse” in the top right corner of the app). Click the plus sign next to their name, and you’ll be subscribed to their feed, helping you stay up-to-date on all the wonderful things going on at Adventure Science Center!

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