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Wanna Strut Your Stuff? Your Guide To Nashville Fashion Spots


Wanna strut your stuff?

Peplum. Leather. Tiny glasses. Oversized glasses. Skinny jeans. Bell bottoms. Ombre. Oxfords. Combat boots.

It’s a lot, that fashion. And no city is trendier than Nashville – we’ll fight you on it! It can be hard to keep up with all the insufferably cool dressers around town, but we always give it the good old college try. Because like our city, we’ve got a passion for fashion. Local designers and the expansion of Nashville Fashion Week are putting our city on the map for the fashion industry!  We just added a “Fashion & Lifestyles” tab to Wannado, and we feel like celebrating. So here it is, the shopping edition of the best places to:

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Support Local Talent

Local Honey

Image courtesy of Style Par Avion


Belmont Boulevard, near Nashville faves Bongo Java and PM (Make a day of it!)


Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon Levitt (basically the whole cast of 500 Days of Summer, because of course)


Ladies: day dresses. The kind that will make you want to sing the New Girl theme song and buy some flats with a bow on them. Maybe finally get those straight across bangs. Or pretend you’re Rachel McAdams in that scene at the carnival with Ryan Gosling (because we pretend that is reality every day, but it’s nice for the visual to match up every once in a while).
Fellas: Hats. The kind that will make you feel like Indiana Jones or an old fashionable Italian man, not a dude in an ill-fitting fedora.

Get Back to Basics

Imogene + Willie

Image courtesy of K.I.D. Collective


An old, non-descript former gas station in 12 South. Makes it a well kept secret! Near Edley’s BBQ and the newly opened Jeni’s Ice Cream location.


Definitely more Kings of Leon than One Direction. This is about substance, not flash, and we like it that way! You can wear those jeans any way you want, but the most common styling we see amongst the guys that shop there is like – 1950’s mechanic. Which is a good look, if we do say so ourself.


Those blue jeans. Getting a pair of your own is a well-earned Nashville rite of passage! They may be a bit pricey, but their many satisfied clients get years and years of wear out of them. Also, they sell Warby Parkers. You will look so cool. So. Cool. Their jewelry selection is dainty and polished with a little bit of edge. This place is a true Nashville fashion essential.

Channel Your Inner Betty Draper

Pre to Post Modern

Image courtesy of Elsie + Emma

Or channel Joan, because Betty is the worst.


Antique Alley, AKA 8th Ave. between Wedgewood and Bradford. If you haven’t check out the antique stores on the strip, you have to! Just block off an afternoon.


There is a lot of 1960’s flair (which like Hansel, is so hot right now), so anyone from Mad Men, but you could go from Peggy Olson to Ozzy Osbourne at this place – such a variety!


Cool furniture: Want a record player table? A Brady Bunch era L shaped couch? An old film projector turned into a lamp? This is your place.
Far-out clothing: Think the fur jacket Kate Hudson wore as Penny Lane in Almost Famous…they also have an array of gogo boots. Fun ties/bowties/cool pants for the guys! Closet Case Vintage has  great presence here, and we are big fans!
Concert tees: There is almost a whole room dedicated to this treasure trove of awesome vintage shirts…from Willie Nelson to *NSYNC, buy it and pretend like you were there! (This is your opportunity to think of a great concert story)

Treat Yoself

H. Audrey

Image courtesy of TN Vacation


A high-end boutique with a high-end zip code – find this place in the Hillsboro Shopping Center next to Green Hills mall.


Their client list reads like a who’s who of Nashville, but briefly: Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Faith Hill…awesome ladies with shiny hair and money to spare (and rockstar husbands).


Designer duds, dahhhling. Fur coats? Treat yoself. Great wrap dress? Treat yoself. Killer stilettos? Treat yoself. You can find everything here – even McQueen! The shop is run by Holly Williams, a member of the Nashville Williams’ dynasty (you might have heard of her dad Hank…) and she has an eye for unique, quality pieces. Head to the shop right before it gets cold and pick up a fabulous coat!

So save up those paychecks and get to shoppin’ Nashville, because it’s time to revamp that fall wardrobe. Get the Wannado app to stay up to date on all fashion happenings in the ville’ – with our new “Fashion & Lifestyles” tab, we’ve got you covered!

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