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Wanna New You? Your Guide To Finding A Hobby In Nashville


Wanna New You?

We all get in a rut sometimes.

You know the drill – those resolutions you typed out on your tumblr in a devastatingly hip font are giving you a virtual side-eye, glaring at you through your computer screen as you re-watch the first season of Sister Wives for the 10th time. You were gonna join a club, read more books, go on more adventures…you coulda been a contender! Well guess what? It’s not too late, y’all. In fact, we aren’t even a month into the new year…all is not lost! Slowly back away from your stack of 2008 People magazines and your pack of Double-Stuffed Oreos (or maybe take those with you). We are gonna find you a new exciting hobby in this beautiful, adventurous city of ours! Here it is, y’all: the Wannado guide to the best Nashville hobbies/activities to:

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Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 

Classes/Workshops at Nashville Improv Company


We imagine this is some variation on “Cats: The Musical”, but it’s anyone’s guess.


Classes are in East Nashville in a church on Eastland Street. The improv troupe is  all over the city!


Need to up your courage in the new year? This is for you. The whole notion of improv is the idea of “yes, AND” – as in, when someone presents you with a situation on stage, you don’t retreat and do your own thing. You take what they did, say yes, and and expand the idea. If you’re tired of saying no and you love Whose Line Is It Anyway and all things Wayne Brady (because DUH, the man is smooth), you have to do this!


This improv group contains the funniest Nashvillians around. Sign up for a class/workshop (and then if you get good enough, because you totally will, you can audition in the spring!) and come with a few creative ideas. You’ll develop characters (bring your best Miley Cyrus impression, and maybe your best Will Smith), play games, pantomime…and just straight up have a blast. The intro classes start February 25 and go through April 1st! Sign  up, y’all. Just do it. To prep your creative brain, check out some of their shows in between now and then – you can find them with Wannado!

Channel Your Inner Picasso:

Paint Nite Nashville


We’re going to bet that Picasso drank while he painted, too. Probably absinthe or something.


Different location pretty much every time! The next one is in East Nashville at Mad Donna’s (one of our faves).


Feeling a lack of artistic challenge? Don’t get to see your best friend often enough? Kill two birds with one stone. Whether you picked up painting and have become a modern day visionary (a la George W. Bush – that’s a real thing), or even your first grade finger paintings got a C-, Paint Nite Nashville is therapeutic and really, really fun. Take your long-lost BFF, fellow mom, etc. to this event and catch up over wine and creativity!


Whether you’re at Table 3, Mad Donna’s, or Tin Roof, come prepared to buy a glass of wine/beer/cocktail! It’ll make that paint brush flow a little more freely. While you sip, a local professional artist will be directing the class as everyone paints the same object (though different interpretations are highly encouraged). The subject for the Mad Donna’s Paint Nite is the Nashville cityscape and the Pedestrian bridge! Such a great idea, and it would look great in your house (because you’re going to do an awesome job). Their events are on Wannado, and you can sign up here!

Feel Like A Jock & Get In The Team Spirit:

Nashville Sports League


Toss me the pigskin.


Depends on the sport you choose, playa.


Are you post-college and missing that intramural life? Are you the former athlete that moved to Nashville only to trade in your Green Bay Packers baseball hat for a pork pie hat and a summer scarf? We know you miss the feeling of mesh basketball shorts. Revive that dream.


We like sportz and we don’t care who knows, from shooting hoops to the Super Bowl. And in Nashville Sports League there are so many sports, so little time! There’s basketball, dodgeball, bowling, cornhole, flag football, kickball, soccer, softball, volleyball…even beer pong, you frat star. Get a team together and join the club – they have awesome parties (there’s even one this week listed on Wannado) and fun events, like the Cupid’s Undie Run that benefits the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Where you run through Nashville half-naked. So there’s that. Pick out a team name and your most athletic pals and join today!

Feel Like Julia Child/Meryl Streep In That Movie:

Cooking Class at Grow Local Kitchen


You’ll be singing Choppin’ Broccoli in no time.


The Market House at our beloved Nashville Farmer’s Market!


We could all benefit from learning how to cook. How to really, actually cook – not just popping a Lean Cuisine in the microwave (though sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). Wherever you are in life, from “just graduated college and purchased big-kid pots and pans” to “super-mom or dad married for 25+ years” – there’s never a bad time to learn how to make a mean pasta dish from scratch.


There are all kinds of classes at Grow Local Kitchen, and the one word we love the most is LOCAL. You can learn how to make pickled beets with chef Laura Wilson, make some sweet Valentine’s Day treats, and even go all in by taking the 8 week Cook Often boot camp, led by Tiffani Rozier. Make your reservation early and prepare to make your way into everyone’s hearts this year – through their stomach!

Discover Your Inner Fierceness:

Rec League With Nashville Rollergirls


Give it two weeks and you will seriously consider changing your middle name to  “Danger”.


Games are held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds!


Ever felt an unspoken bond with Samuel L. Jackson? Ever watched Die Hard and thought you could walk across broken glass barefoot with even more determination than Bruce Willis? Then CONGRATULATIONS –  you are a badass, and this is for you. Let out that aggression in 2014 with this crazy fun sport.


Roller derby, y’all. Get you some blades, get you some fishnet tights (those are optional, but in what other sport could you wear those?!). The recreational roller derby league is a total blast – practices are held at a training facility that is literally called the Blood and Thunderdome. Some of the popular players names, you ask? Well, we have “Happy Killmore”, “Hippy-Ki-Yay”, “Leann Crimes”…the list goes on. This is something you wanna do, y’all. Register here!

So break out of that 9 to 5 weekday grind, Nashville. We believe in you! Whether it’s painting a masterpiece, thinking up an on-the-spot sketch about Kanye West switching bodies with Obama a la Freaky Friday, or doing some badass bladin’. you’re going to have a ton of fun. Check out all the classes and workshops Nashville has to offer with Wannado!

– Your local guide.

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