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Wanna Tune In? Meet Our Partner, Nashville Underground Radio!


Wanna Tune In?

There’s so much going on in our beloved city, it can be hard to keep up. Nashville brings in headliners with ease, hosting huge musical acts in their prime and engaging huge fan bases. However, all music lovers know that some of the best artists are getting started, poised to change the musical landscape not only in Nashville, but globally. Wanna follow their journey? Nashville Underground Radio has got you covered!

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Nashville Underground is the brain-child of hosts Shawn Carnes and Matt Williams, industry insiders with a knack for finding new talent and bringing it into the light! Carnes is a hands-on music executive veteran who promotes creativity and aims for longevity. Williams’ on-air personality has been on the Nashville radio waves before, in his previous position as on-air talent for FOCUS on the 615. These two are truly Nashville insiders, and it is evident in their show.


So what do they bring to the table? Well, in one feature, they literally bring you to the table via culinary expert, Nick Stubblefield. Weighing in on Nashville’s booming culinary scene, Stubblefield gives you an insiders tip on what eateries are a must and which ones you can skip in the series “TasteBuzz“. Wanna be in the know about artisan alcohol in the 615? Check out their online radio show and become an expert on everything from Belle Meade Bourbon to Yazoo beer!

Obviously, the big draw of Nashville Underground is the raw talent featured every week. Want a who’s who of the emerging artist scene in Nashville? Look no further than NU artists! Zeke Duhon is playing at The Basement for free tonight as Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week, and this young artist is as talented as they come. Zeke’s lyrics are complex enough to speak to someone who’s lived for 90 years, but with a fresh take and sound that is universal. Zeke is the first act on in-house management company, NU Artist Management. Make sure you catch a performance – it’s pretty electrifying. If you wanna dance, check out NU artist Holley Maher! Her undercurrent of electro-pop grooves make not toe-tapping kind of impossible, and she’s worked with major players in the Nashville music scene on her new EP. We caught a Michael Lotten performance at the NU Radio Launch Party, and we were blown away. His powerful, beat-laden tracks are almost as potent as his vocal stylings – think the funk of Maroon 5 meets the intensity of Bruno Mars. And we can’t not mention Nashville fave and NU artist Matt Wertz, the gritty singer-songwriter with undeniable hooks and a heart-on-his-sleeve way of writing (that somehow remains sunny even in darker moments). There are so many more artists to discover! These guys have their ears to the ground, and we’re all benefiting from it!

NU Artist Zeke Duhon

Not only does Nashville Underground bring the community into the underground scene; they strive to make a difference. October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and NU Radio dedicated an online show to the cause. Carnes and Williams discuss the effects of bullying and outline why the cause is so important to this generation, with help from Brian Milson and his new song “Nothing Grows In Shadows”, released in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month. Check out the show and see how you can get involved!

So tune in and plug in to the underground scene, Nashville. Nashville Underground Radio is unlocking the gems in Music City just for you! Catch their events in the Wannado app and follow them under Orgs & Guides to stay in the know.

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