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Which Rolling Stone Are You?


Think about your crew — the people you could call at 3 a.m., ask for bail money, and they’d show up – no questions asked.

You know why those are your go-to friends? Because group chemistry is everything, and there’s gotta be a variety of personalities to make your posse amazing. Whether your #squadgoals are starting a quilting shop or completing a downtown pub crawl upright, you need role models.

Look no further than The Rolling Stones – four legendary personalities who combined to become one of the greatest rock groups of all time.

Round up your ride-or-dies and figure out which role you each play based on the eclectic ensemble known as The Rolling Stones, whose retrospective – Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibit, is open now at The Musicians Hall of Fame.

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Are You Mick?

The charismatic leader with an impulsive nature and flamboyant persona.

Mick Jagger
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Despite the band’s rep as defiant troublemakers in their early years, Mick Jagger says he wasn’t trying to be rebellious, he was just being himself. Even though Jagger is a complex dude (he’s a knight, he admires Margaret Thatcher, is a soccer fan and supports music in schools), most people don’t see past the big personality of the group’s frontman.

If you’re Mick, you’re the friend always goading others into something that’s going to end up being either the best night of your lives or “that one time we shall never speak of again”.

Are You Keith?

The brooding, indestructible, multi-talented and all-or-nothing enigma.

Keith Richards
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Keith Richards’ musical genius and work ethic are unquestionable. Not only did he co-write some of the Stones’ songs, he plays both lead and rhythm on stage and he’s a vocalist. Oh yeah, and a children’s book author. Richards brings the knowledge and skills that make the Rolling Stones a band with a legit lineup of hits. He might butt heads with his bandmates from time to time, but he’s always loyal.

If you’re Keith, you’re always planning and putting your all into group plans. You might not like it when the rest of the crew doesn’t appreciate your genius, but you’re not shy about letting them know!

Are You Ronnie?

Devoted, but keeps the options open.

Ronnie Wood with Harry Styles
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Ronnie Wood band-hopped for years before settling down with the Stones, but he kept his side gigs going. Even while he was a Rolling Stone, Wood still worked with other incredible artists like Prince, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Aretha Franklin. He’s the one who does his part and loves his crew but has a life of his own too.

If you’re Ronnie, you don’t mind letting your bros know that other people like you too. It’s best to keep them on their toes and have a backup plan.

Are you Charlie?

The straight man who doesn’t get wrapped up in the shenanigans.

Charlie Watts Eye Roll
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Charlie Watts, the Stones’ drummer, is the buttoned-up, calm and composed band member. Unlike his bandmates, he only has eyes for one woman, Shirley, his wife of over 50 years. Even though the band still performs around the world, Watts lives a quiet life in rural England on a horse farm.

If you’re Charlie, you’re the one asking to cut the pub crawl short to get home and watch the evening news. Sure, you’ll hang in there for a while, but you have your limits. You’re probably the friend with the bail money.

Now that you and your homies know which Rolling Stone you are, you can plan your world domination via quilting. Just watch out for the “Mick” of your group or he’ll be enlisting all of you in extreme needlework.

If you want to get in touch with your inner Stone, be sure to visit eXHIBITIONISM: the Rolling Stones exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Buy Tickets for The Rolling Stones Exhibit Here


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