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Witness A Life Well-Lived With Roger Ebert Film “Life Itself” At Belcourt


“Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels.”

Roger Ebert: A Chicago native. The editor of his college newspaper. A film critic. One half of an infamous television duo. A film critic. A Pulitzer Prize winner. A husband. An empathetic communicator. A man afflicted with cancer. A man with a relentless love of life itself.

Roger Ebert was many things, and even when his public identity was marked by illness, he always invited us in. The film critic for the masses, Ebert took his love and curiosity for the human condition represented in art and externalized it so we could pick up the pieces of his strong cinematic opinions and form our own. There is no better representation of this imperfect, empathy-driven, artistic life than the new documentary Life Itself.

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The film is currently showing at Belcourt (find showtimes on Wannado here), and there is a program for high school students based around Ebert and the art of film criticism called Film Itself happening this week. Check out the events and the trailer below, and for all your Nashville cultural happenings grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.



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