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Give Your Kids The Perfect Nashville Summer With These 5 Family-Fun Activities


Ahh, the summer of our youth.

No matter what decade you grew up in, odds are you have some fond memories of your childhood summertimes: a time when the only makeup you wore was Hawaiian Punch lipliner, the only games you played were kickball and catch with the neighborhood kids in your cul-de-sac, and your signature scent was a mixture of chlorine and sunblock. You may have your own kids now, and you want to give them their own summer experiences to remember (or you are just really in touch with your inner child and these are all going to sound super fun to you). Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Kick It At The Playground

Red Caboose & Monkey’s Treehouse


Red Caboose – This outdoor train-themed playground can be found in Bellevue, and it is a ton of fun! Not your run-of-the-mill park, Red Caboose has an old train and rustic log cabin for the kids to explore, with a nice little history museum on-site for a dose of education with their playtime. You’ll enjoy yourself too – bring a blanket and some summertime snacks for a chill day in the shade. If you come out with a fellow caregiver and want to take shifts watching the kids, bring your running shoes – the trails in the area are great for a leisurely jog!

Monkey’s Treehouse – The indoor playground that has it all! Located right across from the Costco in Brentwood, so even if it is a bit of a drive, bring that Costco card and kill two birds with one stone (and get your little one filled up on samples so they have energy to play). There’s an indoor playground with winding slides as far as the eye can see, tons of toys, a ball pit, an “Under 2” area that’s safe for your tiniest tots, a coloring station, a dress-up area, and more. 10 bucks to get in, it’s a farly inexpensive way to spend a fun-filled afternoon. You can bring your own food!


Get All That Energy Out

Pump It Up & Sky High Sports


Pump It Up – Ahh, the simplistic beauty of inflatables. There’s nothing quite like going to town in a bounce house – from slides to obstacle courses, this is the perfect place to take the kids when they won’t stop roughhousing – the inflatables will be there to catch them when they fall. There are 2 locations – Mt. Juliet and Brentwood!

Sky High Spots – It’s a room covered in trampolines so you can literally bounce off the walls for $12/hour (price cuts in half for the second hour). There’s also a ball pit that you can rope-swing in to a la Tarzan (or P!nk at the Grammy’s). Come mentally prepared to extract your kid from that ball pit though…if you forgot, it’s quite difficult to get out once you’re in.


Fountain Running & A Sweet Treat

Bicentennial Mall State Park & The Cupcake Collection

So much of summer has to do with splashing through water with the reckless abandon of a six year old. This is the perfect place to make that happen AND get a little dose of history! Bicentennial Mall State Park is basically a giant marble love letter to the great state of Tennessee, housing water fountains, tours, and about a million educational plaques. You’ll be entertained and educated, and your kids are going to have a blast! Why? Bring bathing suits, because they get to run through the fountains. Bring your camera, because there is also the best view in Tennessee of the capitol building – helloooo next year’s Christmas card! After they’ve run around for an hour or two, take them to The Cupcake Collection in nearby Germantown for a sweet treat (the sweet potato cupcake is always a winner).


Carousel Riding & Animal Sightings

A Day At The Nashville Zoo


Got some animal lovers at home? Take the tots to an unforgettable day at the Nashville Zoo! Sure, every season has its awesome exhibits, but summer is when the programs really shine. Just a few of the daily activities: Animal shows (your kid could be chosen for the interaction portion), tours of the historic Grassmere home, highlighted habitats, a 66,000 sq. ft. playground, a wilderness express train, and an animal carousel! This is a great activity to do on a day that’s slightly overcast – less of a crowd, less sweating, and more endurance for a marathon day of activities. We suggest finding the Retro Sno truck after a long day at the zoo to cool off!


Kid-Friendly Films Under The Stars (& The Waves)

Outdoor Movies & Nashville Shores


It isn’t a Nashville summer without a trip to Nashville Shores. Our closest, most tricked-out waterpark has a ton going on in the warmer months, and one of our favorite series is taking place right now. Swim on up to the Dive In, kids – This Friday they’re doing a Frozen singalong! You’ll be splashing around hearing a very loud, very spirited rendition of “Let It Go” by Nashville’s coolest kids (and we’re willing to bet some parents are gonna join in too).


There you have it, Nashville parents! Keep the kids busy & most importantly, happy, this summer with these can’t-miss activites. For all your Nashville memory-makin’ (and the occasional date night for yourselves), grab Wannado. We’ve got you covered!

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