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10 Things Luke Skywalker & Nashville Have In Common


The force is strong with us, y’all.

Nashville is a city with a resolute, unwavering spirit; we believe in community and justice and freedom…much like the Jedi. We’d go out on a limb and say every city could be matched up to a Star Wars personality. New York gives off the vibes of renegade badassery that is Han Solo. Portland has the steely resolve and sensitive spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn. Dallas brings the flashy leadership (and sense of style – hello purple lightsaber) of Mace Windu. Washington D.C. carries the same diplomatic flair and heart for change as Queen Amidala/Padme. We won’t tell you what city we would assign to Jar Jar Binks. So where does that leave Nashville?

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Whether you like him or not, we’d argue that Luke Skywalker embodies the Music City spirit. We’re also celebrating the upcoming Star Wars v. Star Trek Way Late Play Date at Adventure Science Center by giving away TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS, and it even includes a themed happy hour at everyone’s favorite pop culture-infused bar Two Bits! Take this quiz to enter:

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And get pumped. In the mean time, we thought we’d give you a guide to 10 things Luke Skywalker and Nashville have in common (much to learn, you still have):

1. We’re both pretty sassy.


In a town where most people were raised on Dolly Parton quotes, we’ve always got a sassy retort ready (whether we say it out loud or not). Luke knows how to throw shade when he needs to make a point. Well-executed sass, we have in common.

2. We know the value of a good mentor.

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Walk into any coffee shop at any point on a weekday, and you will probably witness 18349734 young professionals/songwriters/entrepreneurs meeting with someone older and wiser to get solid advice. Unlike Luke’s legendary Jedi mentors, the Nashville ones don’t walk around in robes, because that would be weird (unless you’re doing a cowrite at their house or something).

3. A lot of people are close with their families.



4. We know how to make a dramatic entrance.


At most Nashville parties, our residents roll up fashionably (but not too late) for a dramatic entrance. And much like Luke came to save Han, we often arrive at parties to save our friend from being alone at a gathering where the main conversation is around what kind of amp everyone sold over the weekend. #YouWILLBringCaptainSoloAndTheWookieToMe

5. But we can be a bit whiny.


Put us on a one-lane street behind a Pedal Tavern and we will make almost as much of a fuss as Luke did when Uncle Owen made him take the droids instead of picking up his beloved power convertor. It’s just one of our quirks, but people still keep us around (after all, we’re kind of planning on restoring balance to The Force).

6. We’re lovers, not fighters.


Because as much as we talk a big game about the imposition of that Pedal Tavern from the inside of our cars, if that bachelorette party smiles, waves, and asks us to honk, we’ll totally oblige. Even when it’s inconvenient (and being 5 minutes late to your morning coffee stop is not as inconvenient as your father trying to kill you while a creepy old guy in a cape cheers him on).

7. We know the importance of a good libation.


Luke knew he needed this offscreen beer (delivered by a smiling Princess Leia) before defeating the fatal blow to The Death Star (and seriously – whoever built that thing needs to be choked out Vader-style, because who builds a sinister space station that can be destroyed in one shot?). While we may not enjoy our brews from the cockpit of an X-Wing, we still know the importance of a solid beer in the quest for productivity.

8. We’ll try anything once.


Whether it’s a ping pong league, standup paddleboard yoga, or a Vanilla Ice show (all those things are real), Nashvillians are pretty much game to try anything once. Even if we fail to stand up on the paddleboard and perfectly execute downward dog pose/can’t lift the sunken ship out of the smoggy lake in a remote location in the Dagoba system. We’re always down to clown.

9. We spend a decent amount of time wistfully staring at sunsets.


It’s not that we have an excess amount of inner angst, we just are artistic and sensitive and really appreciate the majesty of a good sunset. You can take it in from Love Circle, Pedestrian Bridge, the front porch of your favorite coffee shops, or the dunes of Tattooine, but make sure you do the signature Skywalker hair flip for maximum drama.

10. We can be dangerously optimistic.


Those who move here do so with stars in their eyes, bound to be the next Steve Jobs, Loretta Lynn, Dan Auerbach, Little Jimmy Dickens…the list goes on. But you know what? Luke became a Jedi, and we believe in your dreams too. Don’t be afraid champ, because as we all know – fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side.

We rest our case. Don’t forget to take our quiz and enter to win 2 tickets to Adventure Science Center’s Way Late Play Date (and if you’re more of a Trekkie, there will be plenty there for you too)!  Grab Wannado for all your Nashville concerts, happy hours, trivia nights, and more. We’ll see you out there!

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