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Rock Out with The Stones Exhibit at Musician’s Hall of Fame


Of course you’re sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. It’s spring break, but you spent too much money on collectible Justin Timberlake figurines to take that trip to the beach you really needed. So now you’re wearing the same pajamas for the fourth day in a row, watching reruns of 90s sitcoms on Netflix, feeling sorry for yourself.

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Come on, friend. You can do better than that.

In fact, there’s an incredible way to salvage your disappointing spring break and look cool doing it. Brush your hair, put on some pants and get ready to rock out with the exhibition that’s going to redeem your whole weekend, maybe even the whole month.

The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism tour opens at the Musicians Hall of Fame this week, and this is an exclusive, can’t-miss event that will have you asking “Cosmo Kramer? Who’s that?”

Here are our top three reasons to visit the Musicians Hall of Fame for this one-of-a-kind exhibit.


This exhibit is a feast for the senses. From the glowing red neon lights to the slight reverb of Stones classics playing in the background, the entire experience takes you back to the ambience of your first rock concert, minus that overzealous crowd surfing guy.

From models of tour sets to exact replicas of the band members’ old flat to an interactive sound mixing panel, each element of this exhibit will make you feel like part of the band’s entourage.


We all know Nashville is growing into it’s rep as a top destination for entertainment and arts and culture, but landing this exhibit puts Music City in league with some heavy hitting cities. The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism exhibit is fresh off of a stint in Las Vegas and before that had engagements in New York, Chicago and London. Nashville is the exhibit’s only stop in the southeast and its final stop in the U.S. It’s now or never, Nashville!

Not only is our city part of a limited few to host this amazing event, visitors to the exhibit will interact with hundreds of pieces of music history, from Mick Jagger’s unforgettable costumes to pages from Keith Richards’ diary.


Part of the largest touring experience of its kind ever to be staged, this is the first time in history the band has personally unlocked their private archive.

“This was such a unique opportunity to collaborate with the band and get their insights into the project,” says event curator Ileen Gallagher. “The quotes on the wall and all of the text in the exhibition is in the voice of the band or people who work very closely with them. You’re actually having the band tell you what happened at the time.”

The combination of these priceless artifacts and the band’s own perspective of their journey to  superstardom presents a high-definition experience for visitors and fans.

What are you waiting for, a personal invitation? Consider yourself invited!

Get your tickets today!

The exhibit is in Nashville from March 29th until June 30th.

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