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Artober is for Lovers


For some, the word “art” calls to mind vague memories of mandatory school trips to boring museums decked out in archaic paintings. For others (like me), the word almost always stands as a mocking reminder of the disconnect between my head and my hands, a taunt for my inability to translate what I can imagine into some tangible medium. For the lucky, art immediately brings up an uncontrollable warmth from within, a desire to create something, to share it with others, and to learn from the ingenuity of their fellow creators and artists. Since 2011, it has been the mission of Artober Nashville to convert you into the last of these three: an art lover.

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Going hard in the paint…or in the medium of your choice.


Throughout the entire month of October, the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission and NowPlayingNashville have partnered with dozens of arts and cultural organizations throughout Nashville to highlight the depth and breadth of arts activities with over 600 official events. This includes visual and performing arts, music, craft, film, and commercial businesses that present arts activities. And with only a few days left in October, the time is nigh to see some great works of art and to become inspired. (P.S. — To find the last of the Artober events in the Wannado app, navigate to the “Arts and Entertainment” stream, which can be found under the “Play” channel.)

Our friends over at the Belcourt Theater have been hosting their “Doctober” event, where they show 13 new documentaries throughout this month, in conjunction with Artober. As an added bonus, the 7pm showing on October 30th of the documentary Beauty is Embarrassing about eclectic artist and native Tennessean Wayne White will feature a Q&A session with the artist and star himself. Be sure to make your way on over to Hillsboro Village, get your tickets soon, and catch the last of the docs before they’re gone.

Happy little clouds for everyone.

(Slight, concluding tangent: If you found yourself using Google at all today, you would have noticed the banner of a gentle, afro’d man painting a mountain landscape. That banner was to honor the 70th birthday of none other than the famous Bob Ross from the PBS show “The Joy of Painting.” To see why Bob Ross was an artistic baller, read this Mental Floss article about him.)


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