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Dance with the Dead to the Funk of Forty Thousand Years


Friends, I’ll make this post quick since you’re either wanting to go out to enjoy your Halloween in Nashville or you have to get up early tomorrow morning for work and don’t want to read about the fun you could have otherwise been having. With a nearly-full moon lighting the night sky this fine Halloween, here’s the shortlist of Wannado-recommended events/parties/dances/etc. going on tonight. Be sure to scare up some fun (and other bad puns)! Click the links for more info about each event.

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The 5 Spot’s Monster Mash Halloween Party

It’ll be a graveyard smash.

Halloween Cover Band Night at The Stone Fox

Masks are foxy.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Belcourt Theater


Devil’s Dungeon Haunted House

When the lights go down in the city…

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