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Elizabeth Moss, Founder of Caregivers by WholeCare, Named Woman of Influence


The Nashville Business Journal recently celebrated businesswomen, entrepreneurs, educators and more who comprised their 2019 Women of Influence list.

The list recognized 44 winners in nine categories. “The women on this year’s list lead and make it a priority to give back, to encourage and to inspire,” writes Nashville Business Journal.

On this year’s list is Elizabeth Moss, Founder and Chief Care Officer of Caregivers by WholeCare, an in-home care company.

As a company with a majority of women on staff, Moss was asked by the Nashville Business Journal what she thought was the most common mistake women in business make. Honing in on our strengths is the answer she says:

“My experience is that the insecurity women have had in business is shifting. We are more confident in ourselves and our strengths. Knowing our strengths is how we overcome this, I believe. Once we know where our skills lie, then we can develop those, and the sky is the limit.”

Read Moss’ full Q & A with the Nashville Business Journal in honor of her Women of Influence award here.

About Caregivers by WholeCare
Caregivers by WholeCare is an in-home care company serving the Nashville market with a decidedly different approach to caregiving. We believe in caring for the whole person rather than simply focusing on medical issues and diagnosis.

They provide many of the same services as other companies including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care, supplemental hospice care, post-surgery in-home care, companionship, senior transportation, light housekeeping and more. It’s our approach to caring for the whole person that sets us apart from other caregiving companies.

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Founder Elizabeth Moss started the company in 1997 and brought a long history of patient care with her. Her extensive background in nursing, activities therapy, alcohol and drug treatment, and geriatrics, gave her valuable insight that helped shape the principles that have made Caregivers by WholeCare an industry leader in Nashville. Learn more at

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