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Emily Howard and My Red & Blue Giveaway!


Hey y’all.

Emily Howard, My Red & Blue, and Natalie Hart are playing at The Rutledge on Tuesday. THIS Tuesday. All you have to do is pay the price of one Starbucks latte ($5) to get in. It starts at 7:30.

And while Emily, Ben and Natalie’s music are good enough reasons for everyone to go, we at Wannado Nashville have one more reason for you to check out this event: a SUPER-AWESOME PRIZE PACK! Simply follow the instructions in the graphic and you’ll be entered to win:
1) Emily Howard’s New EP, Calloused Hearts
2) Two tickets to Emily’s next show on 2/15 w/ Robby Earle at Two Old Hippies
3) My Red & Blue’s EP, I Might Miss This

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DON’T miss out on this event. It’ll be the event of a lifetime. And you gotta show up to win.

In the meantime, get your jam on listening to Emily, Ben and Natalie’s tunes:
Emily Howard:, Facebook, @ehowardmusic

My Red & Blue (Ben Eggebrecht):, Facebook, @myredandblue

Natalie Hart: Facebook, @natalie_hart_

See you there!

– The Wannado Team

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