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Gotta Know The Facts – 3 Essential Trivia Team Members


It is a well-known fact that the Wannado staff and our friends are pretty much trivia ballers. You can find at least one to five of us out at the many Trivia Time events around town throughout the week. One of our personal favorite spots is Edley’s on Monday nights. Monday nights are about much more than BBQ though, we play to win. Over the last few months we’ve learned a thing or two about how to put together a trivia team and how to (or at least attempt to) win! Here are the top three players  you must have on your team:

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The Pop Culture Guru

Everyone has a friend like this. They know every Beyonce song by heart and have a strong opinion in the Madonna vs Lady Gaga rivalry. When they watch movies they know all of the actors and can recall them at random moments. These are the people that know which year Denzel Washington won his first Academy Award and can list all of the nominees for every category for the upcoming year (or at least have a serious debate about them). This person is your go to for missing song lyrics, album release years, and if you’re lucky they will also be really into sports.

The Baby Boomer Baller

Let’s be honest – trivia wisdom comes with age. As a table of 20-somethings sitting around a table we often get confused when questions involve things that happened before we were born. Unfortunately, a lot of things happened before we were born so grab your Baby Boomer BFF or mom or dad and give them an honored spot at the table. Only they will know the name of Ronald Reagan’s first wife. They will know the catch phrases from the old movies us “hip young folk” pretend to have seen and the names of the original Charlie’s Angels. Also, if you bring your parents they might buy you dinner.

The Geo/History Nerd

Ahhh, the ever-necessary nerd. The nerds will surprise you. Today’s nerd is probably ordering the most complex craft beer on tap, but if you ask him he will still tell you about winning his 5th grade geography bee (and his 8th grade spelling bee). When scouting for this position on your trivia team give extra preference to people who majored in history, love Star Wars, and can name most of the wars that occurred during the 1800’s. If you get lucky they’ll be the type that had a giant map on the wall of their bedroom when they were a kid. Be careful when recruiting these human encyclopedias though, make sure they also have a great sense of humor!

Now that you know who to look for, get out there! You’ll have to come up with a clever team name as well, so get brainstorming!  Remember, your team is important, but above all HAVE FUN! See you there!

-Your Local Gude

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