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“Opportunity is Here for Me”


What a week to celebrate independence! Our team has long been celebrating the freedom to choose what you “Wannado” and the many opportunities in Nashville that come with it. We released Wannado 2.0 (woo!) on Tuesday stacked with all the many events & activities going on in town. We’ve got a few listed below, but don’t forget to give your pocket pal app some love for the full line-up. Say hi to our patriotic pup, Lux, too!

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4th of July Happenings

  • Lightning 100 has a habit of throwing THE COOLEST parties in Nashville. Don’t expect anything less at tonight’s Independence Rocks show which also just happens to be their 23rd birthday! Happy birthday, guys!

If battling the crowds ain’t your thing, sit back, sip back on some Budweiser, and see what might tickle your fancy later this weekend via Wannado.

In the meantime, we’re blasting Ms. Aretha around the office. Check out our playlist of patriotic proportions here:

[spotify id=”spotify:user:inspiredbykitty:playlist:05DMmlF37uHqk4N0oIuUYg” width=”500″ height=”380″ /]



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