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Network in Nash!


Wannado wouldn’t be where it is today without the creative class of entrepreneurs that embody this town. Organizations like the Nashville Tech Council, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Nashville Chamber, Social Media Club, Social Enterprise Alliance and individuals like Dave Delaney (he has a new book out, by the way) are constantly rallying around new ideas & opportunities and taking this city to the next level!

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These same people can help get YOU movin’ and shakin’ in the working world. Wannado’s Professional Networking channel is your bullet train to handshakes, high fives & even hootenannies! (hootenanny: a Scottish word meaning “party” or “celebration”). From Startups to Healthcare, Technology to Non-Profits, you can find events ranging from seminars and workshops to just casual drinks out on the town. Check out some of the upcoming events below.


What are you waiting for? Start mixing work with play a la Wannado!

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