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Musical Worlds Merge in Nashville and the Result is Pure Magic


If you haven’t heard about OZ Arts, it’s time to wake yourself from that Netflix-binge coma, get out of the house and experience this cultural gem in the heart of Nashville.

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OZ is thrilled to announce that Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei are bringing their unique blend of Appalachia and China’s traditional folk music to Nashville and we can’t get enough of this sound that Music City Roots calls “simply ethereal.”


MUST SEE SHOW: Abigail Washburn & Wu Fei

WHEN: Thursday, June 1st @ 7:30 pm

WHERE: OZ Arts Nashville (6172 Cockrill Bend Circle)

WASHBURN + WU FEI - cropped______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Remember the first time you heard Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg sing together? It seemed so wrong, but it felt so right… 

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It’s like that, but with world-class talent from Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and banjo player Washburn and master guzheng virtuoso Wu.



Experiencing these dreamy folk harmonies from vastly different cultures makes us wonder if we could resolve the bad blood between us and that one snarky barista who always leaves off our whip.

Our man Longfellow famously said “Music is the universal language of mankind.” This has never been more true than with the marriage of cultures and sounds performed by Washburn and Wu.

Abigail Washburn + Wu Fei

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now — you don’t want to miss it!



GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter and clawhammer banjo player Abigail Washburn teams up with Beijing native and master guzheng virtuoso Wu Fei to weave together traditional Appalachian and Chinese folk music. This entirely unique duo embraces improvisation and non-traditional techniques in their composition and performance, while mesmerizing their audience with stunning harmonies.

Wu Fei and Abigail 2

Washburn and Wu will engage the Nashville community via workshops and school visits throughout the year, creating new songs and encouraging an open dialogue of multicultural perspectives. The artists will complete this year-long study with a live performance at OZ Arts in celebration of International Children’s Day.




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