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Wannado Drinks? Jericho Woods Shares Their 5 Favorite Nashville Spots


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With so many new bars and restaurants popping up, sometimes we need a little reminder of the timeless spots that define Nashville’s roots. That’s why we’re loving this shortlist of recommendations from this week’s guest curators, Country duo and Kentucky natives Jericho Woods. Check out their 5 favorite spots to throw a few back when they’re in town recording and touring.

(P.S. Listen to their recently released self-titled EP right here!


1)  Wildhorse Saloon

120 2nd Ave N., Nashville, TN 37201

wildhorse saloon

Jericho Woods says: “Wildhorse Saloon is our #1 favorite! It’s our home away from home, and we play there as often as we can! They have the best staff, the best sound, the best crowd, and some of the best food in TN!”


2)  3 Crow Bar

1024 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37206

3 crow bar

Jericho Woods says: “3 Crow represents the Five Points neighborhood to a T! Just a great place to hang, drink, and chat.”


3)  Layla’s Bluegrass Inn

418 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Layla's Bluegrass Saloon

Jericho Woods says: “Paul has been going to Layla’s since it was Jim & Laylas. Slap that big bass!”


4) Dino’s – Nashville’s Oldest Dive Bar

411 Gallatin Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206

dino's dive bar

Jericho Woods says: Dino’s has our favorite burgers and fries in town, and they ALWAYS play the best music!”


5)  Robert’s Western World

416 Broadway B, Nashville, TN 37203

robert's western world

Jericho Woods says: Roberts is the home of true honky tonk. If you want to hear a tele, that’s the place!”


There you go y’all! Solid recommendations from a couple solid guys. For all your Nashville needs (happy hours, live music, eats and drinks, outdoor adventures, and more), grab the Wannado iPhone app or get daily personalized suggestions right here at Wannado.com.

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