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Painting Backwards with a Quirky Lamb


Local Artists and Artisans,

I’ve just returned from browsing the hand-crafted wares at the Bellevue Art and Jewelry Show, where a select number of only 15 artists from around the area were given a shared space to show off their purchasable goods. I rode on over there with a few friends in support of the friendly and quirky Kristen Lamb — accountant by day, artist by afternoon — who is so quirky, in fact, that she has even named her digital art shop, The Quirky Lamb, after it. However, her quirkiness has had no deleterious effects on her recently-rediscovered artistry. Honestly, it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen, and I don’t use that phrase very often. She pulled in a great haul today at the art show, selling about half of what she had on display, so I’m thinking I might not be the only one who holds this opinion.

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The Quirky Lamb with “Loralyn” in hand. She’s got really silky hair.

Kristen re-purposes old picture frames, sketches images backwards on them, and, with an inverted-layering process, colorfully paints a variety of landscapes and animal portraits on them. She then gives them burlap backings that make her drawings come crawling right out the frames. Oh, and they all have adorable names that fit their characters exactly. I liked one of them so much that I gladly bought and took home “Humphrey” with me today. To see if you might want to take home a new friend as well, click the photo above to check out what she has online for sale currently. If you had a different image or something more specific in mind, Kristen’s glad to create commissioned work, so just contact her and she’ll happily to accommodate.

Me and my new friend and roommate “Humphrey.” He’s a pretty chill guy, but those owls in the background are rather judgmental.

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