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The 4 Best Nashville Date Nights This Weekend


“And our heart is dancing to a November tune, and we hope that you hear it singing songs about you.”

Avett Brothers lyrics aside, we gotta say – our heart IS dancing to a November tune, and it has us feeling pretty romantic. November is a cozy little month leading up to the holidays, and we know you want to spend it with someone special. Whether it is your spouse of 25 years or that babe from your philosophy class, we say make a move, Romeo/Juliet (not the best couple to model your weekend plans after, but we digress). Take the leap and plan a fun date night in your favorite city! We’re here to help (and so is our app, which you can browse at your leisure regardless of relationship status). Here are 4 of the best date nights in Nashville this weekend!

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Learn To Salsa & Drink Under Twinkly Lights


Does your lady/fella like to dance? Literally sweep them off their feet with this Beginner’s Latin Dance Class. Romantic, lively, and a cheap date – only 5 bucks to get in. Next stop? The nearby Holland House Bar & Refuge. You can unwind from the dancin’ with a cocktail in a super-romantic bar under twinkly lights. Excellent hot chicken as well! The Manhattan is one of the best in town.


Do A Unique Take On Dinner & A Movie


Yes, the old dinner-and-a-movie is the tried and true standard for a typical date night. This combo has a unique Nashville spin! You can start with dinner at Jackson’s, but if you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest a mini food-tour of the Hillsboro Village strip. Do drinks at Sam’s, grab some chicken at the super casual McDougal’s, and end with cookie dough egg rolls at Jackson’s (if you have time to wait). Finish it off with Birdman at the independent/historic Belcourt Theatre. The movie is weird and awesome, and you’ll have tons to talk about with your date post-film.


Take A Moonlit Hike & Dine In A Treehouse


The couple that hikes together, stays together. Head to Shelby Bottoms Greenway in East Nashville for a moonlit stroll with your fellow Nashvillians! Post-hike, we suggest hitting up The Treehouse nearby – you’ll be dining/drinking in a cool, low-lit environment. Play on, playa.


See A Musical Legend That Will Take You Back


They just don’t make ’em like James Taylor anymore. Get a sitter, snag some last minute tickets, and get yourself to Bridgestone Arena with your significant other for a night of serenades by the smooth-voiced Mr. Taylor himself! Hit up the nearby Pub 5 before or after for a rooftop view and killer food and drinks. We suggest getting a Lyft or Uber to avoid downtown traffic!


There you go, couples. Take your honey’s hand and step into an adventure this weekend! Looking for a girl’s night out or a family fun activity this weekend? We’ve got all our bases covered. Check out Wannado to find the perfect opportunity for you!

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