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Wanna Start Something? Nashville Entrepreneur Center is the Place For You!


Wanna start something?

We are thrilled to spotlight our partner organization, Nashville Entrepreneur Center! 

To say Nashville is an “it” city for upcoming businesses would be an understatement. The city has enjoyed a start-ups boom over the past few years, and the EC is a huge part of that. Started in August 2010, the EC lives up to its pledge to foster the creative business environment in Nashville, truly embodying their initial goal: “to turn dreams and ideas into businesses.” President and CEO Michael Burcham has a strong vision, and has done an incredible job at turning dreams into real-life, successful businesses.

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The Nashville Entrepreneur Center provides so many great services! For startups, they provide a screening of ideas with feedback to make your business the best it can be. Grab your morning coffee at the Sip It! series and enjoy a panel discussion and Q&A with some of Nashville’s most active entrepreneurs. You can also attend a Build It! session to gain some knowledge from other entrepreneurs!

The building is as innovative as the people in it…our friends at Southern Alpha and Nashville Technology Council call the EC building home. Hit up the restaurant on your lunch break and you come across some of Nashville’s finest entrepreneurs…you can network while you nosh on some delicious food from The Turnip Truck!


The Nashville Entrepreneur Center is especially near and dear to Wannado’s heart. Our CEO Steven Buhrman is an alumni of Jumpstart Foundry, a 14-week, mentor-driven business acceleration program culminating in the launch of successful startup, showcased at Investor Day. The EC is also applying this model to the burgeoning healthcare industry, providing resources to healthcare startups through their HealthBox program. We love being a part of this community, and we are so thankful for the role the EC has played in our company.

Wanna introduce yourself? Check out their monthly DrinkIt! Entrepreneur’s Happy Hour! It is held on the first Thursday of every month – that means today is the day! They’ll be at Edley’s East – BBQ, drinks, and creative minds? Count us in!

So, all you creative business minds…if you wanna be startin’ somethin’, look no further than our pals at The Nashville Entrepreneur Center!

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