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Wanna Give Gifts? Your Guide To Christmas Shopping In Nashville


Wanna Give Gifts?

Christmas shopping is tricky, y’all.

While we usually think Michael Scott logic is pretty solid (check out his thoughts on politics), we don’t know if this statement is totally correct. However, there is a joy in finding the perfect gift for the perfect person. Whether you are an expert gift-giver (think Leslie Knope) or always come up short on gift ideas (like the grandma who gives her granddaughter the same Point Of Grace CD ten years in a row/anyone who’s ever been featured on this website), we think we might be able to help you out. Yeah, there are a ton of things you can get for the special people in your life, but we propose that you use this finest of holidays to show off your Nashville love! So here it is…our favorite Nashville-inspired gifts for:

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The Charitable Fashionista: 

Something Snazzy From “When Fashion Meets Purpose” Holiday Market

Picture 8

Walk with purpose. Live with purpose. Dress with purpose.


The headquarters of Nisolo Shoes in our favorite spot, Germantown!


Scarves! Jewelry! Shoes! Wallets! This holiday market is just all that we could ever want. Bringing together the best in Nashville fashion, this event (coming at you tomorrow) is set apart. Why? Because all the companies involved are rooted in charitable efforts. You buy a scarf and walk around 12 South feeling fabulous/winking at everyone who snagged a table at Frothy Monkey, AND you can know that through your fabulousness you are also supporting women in Africa who are contributing to their growing economy and making a living through your fashionABLE purchase. Nisolo Shoes, fashionABLE, Red Earth Trading Company, Miriam Designs, and Mission Lazarus will be represented. You are bound to find some artisan piece that will be the perfect gift for the fashionable people in your life!


Great for the new-ish person you’re dating. It’s the perfect amount of nice, but not too too fancy. Fellas, get your lady this, this, or this. Or something else equally lovely. Ladies, get your fella this, this, or this. Or something else equally lovely.

The Food Lover (So Pretty Much Anyone):

A Locally-Inspired Food Basket

Picture 9

It definitely IS a Nashville (food) party.


We recommend going either straight to the source (like you needed an excuse to go to Loveless Cafe) or to the Omni Hotel gift shop downtown! They’ve got tons of local goodies.


If you weren’t hungry, you’re about to be. It’s no secret that Nashville has an unmatched love for all things food and beverage. We also love livin’ la vida LOCAL. Here’s where the two meet! Spread your Nashville love by introducing your family members to the gifts that keep on giving: chocolate and whiskey. We’ve got Goo Goo Clusters (you can also do that as a last-minute gift if you forgot and are traveling out of the Nashville airport, because they’re everywhere), Belle Meade Bourbon, whiskey CAKE, wine from Arrington Vineyards, and of course, bacon from Loveless Cafe. We encourage getting yourself something too, because if you don’t you might eat everything before the gift gets to its recipient.


Everybody loves food, but we think this is the perfect gift for two demographics: your out-of-town parents who love to visit, and your boss. Other employees might throw out a gift card to Silo or something cool like that, but you went above and beyond, champ. (#networking)

The Event Enthusiast:

Framed Poster From Hatch Show Print

Picture 10

The perfect place to put evidence of your coolness – on a wall where everyone has to look at it.


After 134 years, the Hatch Show Print hub moved to 5th Ave South!


This is the perfect gift for someone with a bare wall to decorate and a cool factor to elevate. There are a lot of really awesome shows that happen in Nashville – from The White Stripes to Johnny Cash to Reba singing a cover of Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” (no really, that happened), we enjoy a rich musical past and present. Hatch Show Print has documented it. They’ve got an awesome poster for pretty much every show you can imagine. For the sensitive hipster who dreams of living in a cabin: Bon Iver at The Ryman. For your parents: Neil Young, because literally everyone’s parents love Neil Young. For your fratty older brother: Dave Matthews Band, because of course. For your awesome college roommate who loves clever and stirring lyricism, Regina Spektor. There’s a little something for everyone.


We already kind of broke it down, but we specifically suggest someone who has just moved and is trying to decorate. Also, someone who is creative and can think of an awesome (if a little bit fake) backstory to go with their poster.

Someone Who Has Had A Stressful Year:

A Little Luxury From Downtown Franklin

Picture 11

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis. Yup.


The prettiest Main St. of all the Main Streets – Downtown Franklin, TN!


Sometimes, you gotta give the gift of some yuletide de-stressing. We all have different ways of relaxing, but the general formula (at least for the ladies – and fellas if you find comfort in a good book and some bath salts – that you actually bathe in, this isn’t Florida – more power to you) is some combination of flowers, a good book, a hot bath, and some herbal tea. You can find all this stuff in the shops in Franklin! Check out Bathos for their super-affordable and super-luxurious face masks. The Kandle Kitchen has a divine Christmas Tree scent that you have to experience to believe. Head to Franklin Tea and pick up their Cloud and Mist herbal tea – so delicious! Stop by the flower shop and get your gal pal (or your man friend – once again, no shame) some orchids. Top it all off with a good book from the historic Franklin Bookstore! We recommend “Just Kids” by Patti Smith – best book we read all year.


The high-strung friend who has been weathering a bit of a rough patch. A bath, a book, flowers – they’ll feel fresh and ready for the new year in no time! Seriously, bath salts make you feel like a new person (and again, NO, we are not talking about the weird things that happen when you eat/snort them).

The Cool Audiophile (Or The Parent Who Never Got Rid Of Their Record Player):

The Gift Of New Music From Grimey’s

Picture 12

Yeah…we’d be SUPER lying if we said we didn’t have “Freakin’ It” on vinyl.


Take a left on 8th at Wedgewood and go a couple of blocks – you’ve found the vinyl mecca of the ‘ville.


Obviously, what record you get will be based on the person you’re buying for. One of the reasons we love Grimey’s is that while it is extremely hip to the jive, they also have albums like Will Smith’s “Freakin’ It” tucked away where you can find it, pay, and make a quick exit (just kidding, we are always proud of any Will Smith purchase). You can find everything from impressive limited edition Record Store Day finds (if you’ve never been to one at Grimey’s, you HAVE to go – music part-ay of the year) to Elvis’s “Blue Hawaii” album to local Nashville acts. The best of the music scene, all in one place!


Unless you want to buy them a record player too, we suggest someone who already has one. So either your cousin who went to a liberal arts school in Portland or your great aunt who never got rid of hers. But let’s be real – vinyl isn’t going anywhere. More people collect vinyl than you think!

So there it is, Nashville – your little Wannado gift guide. Get to shopping! We know you’re going to need a break for some you time this holiday season , so check out Wannado to pencil in some Christmas fun in your week. Follow us on Twitter and let us know how your gifts are received! You’re gonna do great, champ.

– Your local guide.

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