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Wanna New You? Your Guide To Healthy Living In Nashville


Wanna New You?

In 2014, we are getting HEALTHY.

Look at them go! That could be you, livin’ your life in a spandex bodysuit, showing off your very hip-heavy workout/dance move to all your friends. Okay, maybe we can pass on the spandex bodysuit (but you only live once, ammiright?). The point is, everybody is jumping on that New Years Resolution fitness train right now. For many people, that train derails about two weeks into the new year. Whether it is because you made an unrealistic goal (i.e. “I am never going to eat anything but vegetables ever again”) or you find yourself too busy (i.e. “I can’t go to the gym today because I still haven’t finished season 1 of Scandal, and I’m not a quitter”), “getting healthy” is an often dicussed and often maligned resolution. Throughout the month of January, we are giving you ways to keep your 2014 goals in reach – everything from fitness to hobbies to meeting new people. We thought we’d start with the most common goal and show you what healthy lifestyle choices Nashville has to offer. So here we go… the best healthy activities in Nashville to:

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Test The Waters: 

Join Your Local Community Center

Picture 10

Namaste on a budget, y’all.


All around Nashville! They’ve got community centers in virtually every area of town. Our favorite is the McCabe Park Community Center in Sylvan Park!


When it comes to joining a gym, we have more commitment issues than Bret Michaels.  Wanna test the waters without signing your life away, parking pass and all? Come to one of the breezy, fun, inexpensive community centers! We’ve got East Park, McCabe Park, Coleman Park, McFerrin, Bellevue  – there’s bound to be a convenient location for you! The typical fee for membership could go by day or by month – $3 a visit for an adult pass, $20 for 10 trips, $30 for the month. There are also killer group fitness classes that are only $5! Shout out to our girl Barbara who teaches yoga at multiple community centers – she actually got us flexible enough to do a backbend (even if it was just the once), and she is the most relaxing yoga instructor in the whole wide world. You can also take a challenging kickboxing class and sweat it out – all skill levels welcome! Just be ready to work hard – Kevin (the instructor at McCabe) is known to facilitate some intense pre-kickboxing conditioning. Bring a friend & get healthy in your very own neighborhood! 


Whatever you want. Unlike a huge gym, you can pay as you go! This is great for the transient population of Nashville. Got a gig for two weeks in LA and don’t want to pay for a whole month of the gym? This is perfect! They have workout facilities, classes, basketball courts, a track, zumba on Saturday mornings (and let us tell you, those people can bust a move). Low risk, high reward!

Drink Your Way To Health:

Juice Bars


This is not the off-brand Juicy Juice box of your youth.


Again, you can find these all over Music City! Some hot spots: Urban Juicer on 8th Ave. and Juice Bar Nashville in Brentwood.


Cleanses are all the rage. We’re not saying you have to go that far, especially without extensive research and maybe a consultation with your physician (how much did we just sound like an infomercial?). However, there is definitely something to this juicing craze! The Mean Green at Juice Bar in Brentwood packs a punch (that hit of jalapeno is bound to clear your sinuses). And the Bunny Love?! They get the amount of ginger just right. Juicing is popular because it seriously makes you feel like this – so energetic, so calm, so energized. So instead of hopping on that weird diet craze – apparently a woman in Florida is eating McDonald’s every day and has lost 20 pounds because the world makes no sense – focus on feeling better, not dropping weight quick! Though that is a possibility, especially if you trade in a steady diet of cheeseburgers for this drinkable superfood. Win, win, win!


Juicing isn’t the cheapest diet in the world. A good sized juice will cost you around 6 bucks, but if you can get one as a meal substitute (or pair it with some steamed vegetables that cost about 50 cents at Kroger), then you should be good to go. Start frequenting your local juice bar to figure out what times of the day are the busiest so you don’t have to make a huge time commitment just to get in the door – it can get packed!

Renew That Mind:

Get A Library Card


“I’ve never seen so many books in my life!”


Downtown Nashville is our favorite branch, but this is like the community center – they’re all over!


We don’t want to put the idea of a healthy lifestyle into a tiny box labeled “lose weight”. It wouldn’t be true! Your physical health and mental health are closely related, and it is important to give that giant brain of yours some intellectual nutrients. The Nashville Public Library (mostly the downtown location, though they are all great) is a true beauty. Most of the rooms look like the library scene from Beauty and the Beast, so if you are a bookish girl (or guy), you’re going to have a major literary swoon. Grab a good book, sit down and write your thoughts – these are all fabulous steps toward an emotionally, intellectually, mentally peaceful 2014! There are free concerts in the courtyard, free movie nights, craft time for your kids, teen game night…they have it all! You can find all their awesome events with Wannado, and you can sign up for a card online here.


The best part about this is that membership for Tennessee residents is FREE. If you are a non-resident, you can get an annual membership for $50 a year. For what this place has to offer, it is so worth it. Also, the time commitment that comes with parking downtown is cut in half – the parking garage is the only place we know that validates parking for free for the first hour and a half. Good stuff.

Channel Your Inner Bear Grylls:

Team Green Adventure


“I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up. I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder.” – the incomparable Destiny’s Child


Yes, we sound like a broken record BUT: there are Team Green events all over Nashville!


We don’t mean channeling Bear Grylls in the whole doing-gross-things-to-survive sense. But you will feel like you’re taking on nature when you get out there and hike! Team Green is Nashville’s leader in outdoor adventures, offering all kinds of exhilarating excursions. Just today they had a group leave for a ski trip to Breckenridge! For those who wanna stay local, they’ve got rock climbing, backpacking, a Bald Eagle Day Hike, a SCUBA session, and more (and that’s all in January)! Bring along a friend who was an Eagle Scout and get ready to get involved – this is a tight-knit, super fun community to be a part of. Check out the partner blog we wrote a while back detailing memberships and programs! You’ll be glad you did.


The membership isn’t extremely cheap, but you really do get bang for your buck! There are also plenty of affordable opportunities for non-members… indoor rock climbing anyone? Check out all their events on Wannado!

Get Around Productively & Save Gas:

Walk/Bike Nashville




Wherever there is a bike path!


Nashville is mostly a driving town. For some of us, we get out of bed, walk 10 steps to the door, get in our car, belt out Miley Cyrus during our commute (don’t tell us we’re the only ones who have pre-work jams to Wrecking Ball), work all day, get in our car, and drive home that night. Where’s the activity? When do we really take in our city by feeling the pavement underneath our feet (or our bike wheels)? Walk/Bike Nashville desires to make Nashville a more biking/walking/active transportation-friendly place. They have a ton of wonderful events – Tour De Nash, Bike To Work Day, and more!


Annual membership fee is $20 for one person, $30 for a family. This is a great group to join if you have little ones, too! Most biking events are very kid-friendly. Also, you have time to build up your stamina before outdoor biking season really hits around May. Bonus: the anticipation of biking weather should guarantee that your commitment lasts through the winter months!

So there you go, Nashville: a couple of ways to get healthy without the typical “just join a gym” advice. We can’t wait to see where everyone gets with their 2014 resolutions. Keep dreamin’, keep achievin’, y’all! We believe in you. To see all the health/fitness related events in Nashville, check in with Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

– Your local guide.

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