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Wanna Try Something New? Your Guide To Up-and-Coming Nashville


Wanna Try Something New?

Nashville’s hottest club is SELFIE.

Okay, so we may not be as magnificent a city correspondent as Stefon, but we like to think we stay in the know on what’s trendy in the ville’. Look in any magazine that has ever done a feature on Kings Of Leon (GQ, Rolling Stone, all of the above) and you’ll find Nashville listed as a “city to watch”. Well, our eyes have been peeled, people. There’s some crazy awesome stuff on the horizon, and we want you to be the first to know about it. So here it is, the best new Nashville up-and-comers to:

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Have An Epic Hangout:
Pinewood Social

Picture 10

Nashville’s Dream: A Hipster Country Club.


Near Nashville Entrepreneur Center and Crema at the Trolley Barns! Beautiful view of the river.


Coming at you from Ben and Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality, this place has it ALL. You want a coffee shop? You got it. You want a restaurant run by the best chefs in town? Yup. You want drinks that taste like the nectar of the gods from the people behind The Patterson House? Done, son. Private karaoke rooms so you don’t have to be intimidated by the really aggressive vocal runs from the semi-famous person in the room? Sing your song, rockstar. Oh, and come on now, you want a vintage bowling alley AND a swimming pool? WELL OKAY THEN. It’s yours. This place is like a hip grown-up’s Discovery Zone, except without the mystery smells and watered down fruit punch. Come here with a big group and stay until the sun comes up (or till’ they close).


It was slated for a fall opening. We’re not sure the absolute date, but there are pictures of the interiors going up quick! The bar is taking shape, and so is the bowling alley. Their website has an info email and a job inquiry page – lifeguards inquire within. For the restaurant pool. This is actually the coolest.

Catch The Next Big Thing:
A Cause A Scene Show


Porches and Christmas lights and singer-songwriters, oh my.


In venues and backyards and various vibe-y, community-driven, musical places in Nashville.


Chances are, you’ve already heard of Cause A Scene. They’re causing quite a scene (#PundayFunday). Since Larry Kloess launched CAS in January 2012, there have been tons of really, really wonderful musical moments in shows put on by Cause A Scene. From Elenowen to Darlingside, Larry has his finger on the pulse of the kind of artists Nashville wants to hear. Following Cause A Scene events (which you can do on Wannado) is unique because it is not limited to venue or an artist page – it is an experiential discovery tool. You go to the show, odds are you come away a fan. Getting you out in that community causin’ all types of scenes! It’s a good scene.


It’s already happening, y’all! They just hosted a Darlingside show at The Basement, and on Sunday night My Red & Blue has a CD release show at The High Watt (check out his new single).

Up Your Ramen Game:
Two Ten Jack

Picture 11

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little ramen and wine (to be sung to R.Kelly’s Bump and Grind, obviously).


Something weirdly specific, artisan, and awesome? East Nashville, of course. Eastland Ave!


We’ve all fallen into the dorm room shame spiral that comes along with only eating Ramen for about 10 days straight (please say it’s not just us…). Bring your love of ramen into the light and rejoice! This is Ramen done right. Named after a Japanese card game (and side note: Japanese card games – or any games – are really awesomely crazy), this eatery is Nashville’s first Japanese pub. Brought to you from the people behind Zumi Sushi, Red Pony, 55 South, and Cork & Cow, this place is a prestigious twist on a thrifty favorite, and we love it.


According to our sources, we’re looking at an opening sometime in November. We’ll be creeping on their Facebook page like it’s our day job until it opens. Don’t you worry.

Visit Like A Local:
The 404

Eat local. Breathe local. Livin’ la vida local.


You’ll be feelin’ fancy in The Gulch.


This is the lap of luxury. But we aren’t talking showy, grandiose, velvet-draped hotel luxury. If you or someone you know visits Nashville and has cash to spare, this is the way to feel like a local. You’re nestled into the booming young professional area that is The Gulch. The area is pretty much central to everything, so that’s a major bonus. You get keyless entry, king size bed, winding staircase, free wifi, fully stocked lounge area – it’s basically your apartment for the weekend. Not only is 404 a modern take on a hotel, but it’s also a restaurant! We’ve heard rave reviews, and their local produce is taken fresh from their rooftop garden. Living simply, living clean – it’s the way to go!


Open for business! Just call in advance – this place books up early.

Update Your Music Library:
Nashville Time Machine

This is the way music should be done, dollface.


The sessions aren’t ticketed at the moment, but you can check out all the music here.


A Music City daydream, Nashville Time Machine brings you your favorite local artists in a super organic, raw way. It’s centered around a one-of-a-kind 1940’s tape machine. Yes, we’ve all been stacking vocals on vocals and tracking separately for years, but there is something purely magical about this bare bones, rich way of recording. You really have to listen to this stuff. Check out Natalie Prass’s session, particularly. Uh-mazing.


It’s been launched since January, and the sessions just keep getting better!

So get out of that rut, Nashville, and start planning your life upgrade – whether it be your ramen noodle game or your swimming skills. Stay in the know by downloading Wannado! Make it a goal to always know when there is a bowling alley/swimming pool combination coming to a neighborhood near you. It’s just the right thing to do.

– Your local guide.

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